Selling Multifamily Properties


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Título: Selling Multifamily Properties

Autor: Reinaldo Gonzalez.

Publicado en el año: 2020

Número de páginas: 78

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When it comes to real estate investing, it is easy to come by advice about how to buy or manage a property. The circumstances that lead to ownership of a multifamily property and the styles of managing one are many and varied. When the time comes to sell, however, there are surefire ways of maximizing profits.

The ultimate sale price of a multifamily property can be negatively affected by multiple variables. After years of collecting passive income, many investors become complacent and don’t take the initiative to raise rents, decrease expenses, or make improvements. Real estate agents who don’t understand the multifamily business often fail to address the weaknesses of the property and highlight its strengths in order to attract the right pool of potential buyers, which can lead to too many days on market and difficulty in demanding top dollar.

The intent of this book is to help you through the sale process, from grooming the property, to pricing it right, to picking the right agent who can navigate the trials and tribulations of selling your biggest asset. The process is simple but that doesn’t mean it is easy. This book is a step-by-step guide on how to get the job done as fast as possible without leaving money on the table.

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